How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are an annoying pest, they depends on humans shelter for their survivals. Our homes provides them with all the necessary things which is essential to sustain their life, such as food, water and shelter. Being a guest at our house, cockroaches aren’t grateful though, moreover, they worsen the condition of house by grossing the house and spreading diseases.
There is no easy way to get rid of cockroaches, you need to be extra careful while Cockroach Pest Control. While, it’s best to hire professionals for cockroach control, you can also eliminate the cockroach infestation by yourself.
By following some simple methods you can get rid of cockroaches, the cockroaches would surely take time to go completely, but eventually they’ll go. So, here are some steps to stop the cockroach infestation

Cockroach Pest Control
Cockroach Pest Control
  • Step-1 Cockroaches Trap: –  Use cockroach trap to capture the cockroaches, you can get the cockroach trap from any local store and use it in your home or office. The cockroach trap works when there is food, cockroaches come by attracting towards food and go inside the trap, once they go inside the trap, they won’t be able to come out on their own, therefore they get trapped, later you can spray anti-cockroach spray to kill them or put a poison inside the trap, so that cockroaches can die. But this has a limitation, it only kills the cockroaches who come around, this is a never ending process, the killing spree would be endless, however, this process is eco friendly and there is no harsh chemical required.
  • Step-2 Anti-Roach Gel: – Anti roach gels are quite effective in dealing with pests, you can buy from a local store and get rid of cockroaches. Apply the anti-roach gel in the suspected area, where you usually see cockroaches. When cockroaches eat this gel, they don’t die instantly, but they go to their home back and spread the poison among others. This is how the whole colony of the cockroaches gets infected and dies instantly.
  • Step-3 Borax Powder: – Borax powder is a natural instant cockroach killer, leave the borax powder overnight and when the cockroach cross over the borax powder, they die, don’t worry about how? But borax do something with cockroach respiratory system which caused death.
Cockroach Extermination
Cockroach Extermination

Call Professionals.

We at Master Pest Control are one of the best professional pest control services provider, our team of cockroach pest control is knowledgeable and experienced. We complete the task within one day and make sure that our clients are satisfied with our services, our policy are transparent and we take responsibility of all the things. So, do give us a call for bookings, if you have a Cockroach Infestation in your home or office then Master Pest Control is the best choice.

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How to Get Rid of Ants in your Home?

Ants are the incredible creature, who move everywhere. Especially, they are found in the kitchen. The kitchen, dining table, and warehouse are noticed area, where ants move usually. Because your food or eatables things are kept in the kitchen or dining table often. They always seek food and water for surviving. An unclean kitchen and house always invite ants. So, it is necessary to clean your kitchen and house daily. They are considered the most unwanted and irritating pest. Sometimes, they irritate us while moving around us.

If you want to get rid of ants permanently, You can hire Professional Pest Controllers or, if you want to perform Ant Pest Control yourself then you can follow these steps for preventing ant from your house.

Ant Pest Control
Ant Pest Control
  • Clean your House Daily

    Ant finds food and moves anywhere. Usually, they are most tempted by sugar or sweets. So,while eating something, you should aware that don’t spread any food item especially sweet items on your bed or carpet. It is your duty, to clean your house regularly. As well as, you should keep your house and kitchen clean, and make the difficult task for ants to enter your home again.

  • Talcum Powder

    Use talcum powder to stop ant infestation. You can scatter some talcum powder on the window, doors, and suspected area, to stop ants from entering your house. Definitely, it is effective and helpful organic Ant Repellent. You can also purchase other effective ant repellents from any nearest store. Cream of tartar, borax, powdered sulfur, and oil of cloves are also useful ingredients which will also help you to stop Ant Infestation. Planting mint is also a good alternative for ant control in the home.

  • Keep your Food in the Airtight Container

    You should keep your food items in airtight containers to stop ants from spoiling your food.  If you use this method then, ants will not be able to detect your food and dare to enter your home. It is also a useful method to protect your food from humidity.

  • Use Adhesive Tape

    If you notice the army of ants, is marching toward the kitchen or cookie jar. Seal their path with the help of adhesive tape to stop and prevent their marching. You can also apply it, on cracked areas or entry points of ants. It is a useful method to perform ownself.

  • Use Herbs and Spices

    Some special herbs and spices like turmeric, mint, salt, and cloves are very beneficial ingredients to prevent an ant infestation. You can use these ingredients as ant repellents. Take one of them and spread on door, windows, and suspected areas. It is a very effective method to prevent ants from entering your home.

Professional Pest Control Services
Professional Pest Control Services

Hire Professionals for Best Result!

If still, you are not able to prevent ants. Then, you can also hire Professionals Pest Control Services for the best result. Master Pest Control is also a reliable and trustworthy company.  We provide our customers with the best Ant Pest Control Services and other pest control services at an affordable price.

Expert Advice and Fast Response Pest Control in Melbourne

The most common problem faces by Melbourne is dealing with a different kind of pest. These pests are dangerous if you don’t maintain a regular pest control. It can lead to harmful diseases and spread health issues. One needs to take the right steps to get rid of such pests. While taking these steps always keep in mind to go environment-friendly because harming the ecology system isn’t a good idea and not recommended. Always remember while using harsh hard chemicals always do it under expert or who have proper knowledge in dealing with it using proper gadgets. If ignored then it can be dangerous to your health and hygiene.

Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Follow The Given Below Steps On Removing Pests;

Controlling Mosquitoes

  • If you noticed mosquitoes are everywhere and it’s the most common pests around the world.
  • These pests fly all over and like to suck blood or sit on your lovely food and spread diseases.
  • The most natural way to get rid of them just simply plants a rosemary or marigolds in your garden.
  • The odour of these plants is unpleasant for mosquitoes which they can’t bare.
  • By planting these and burning citronella candles you can easily get rid of mosquitoes.
  • Take some cedar oil and water and mix it into an empty spray bottle.
  • Sprinkle all over in your garden.
  • It’ll help in killing all the biting insects along with their egg as well and keep your surroundings healthy and clean.
  • Mosquito pest control is a must job to do it regularly to make surroundings safe and healthy.
  • A good and healthy environment is always good for your family and pets.

Mosquito Pest Control

Mosquito Pest Control

Controlling Wasps

  • Keep in mind when you are dealing with such pest gather all precautions.
  • Wasps are commonly a stinging creature by nature.
  • It’s very dangerous for your family and pets if they are around you.
  • If they bite you it’s very painful. Usually, it’s been seen when winters arrive all wasps automatically dies.
  • But due to global warming, their lifespan has increased automatically.
  • For wasp pest control you can also do some home remedies on your own.
  • A blend of lemongrass, geranium essential oils and clove which is effective.
  • Add this mixture dish wash soap and water.
  • Apply this solution to the spotted areas where you spot the wasps nest.

Natural Ways To Control Rodents

  • Rodents are very dangerous if they enter your home. Its’ necessary to maintain the rodent infestation regularly.
  • If you ignored this it could be harmful to your family health and cause huge destruction.
  • To control mice and rodent always go patiently.
  • Use peppermint oil as a rodent repellent to control the pest in a good way because rats hate the scent of it.
  • Simply dip a cotton ball in the oil and put the ball in every corner of your home.
  • By maintaining rodent control Melbourne and Ant Control regularly it will help all the rodents and rats entering your premises and keeping your surrounding a healthy and pest free.

Natural Ways To Control Roaches

  • Cockroaches are the most creepy creature on the globe.
  • Though they don’t bite they spread a lot of dangerous diseases.
  • Use boric acid as a great safe and fast option to kill all the roaches.
  • Simply sprinkle some of the boric acid powder on the spotted area.
  • Always remember to carry all the precautions before using such harsh chemicals and keep pets and kids out of reach.

Rodent Pest Control

Rodent Pest Control

Pest Control Services In Melbourne

At Master Pest Control, we provide our customers with the top best pest control Melbourne services. Our pest controller uses environment-friendly solutions and treats your homes with 100% guaranteed pests infestation. Try to give a chance to our professional pest control service to serve you with the high quality of services at an affordable rate and good deal. For more information on our exclusive services feel free to call us today and Book an appointment.

How To Get Rid Of Lizards?

If you are a citizen of Australia then you must have encountered lizards. Lizards don’t know they’re on someone else’s property, they just like to hunt. Lizards are expert in hunting cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes, this ability makes them natural pest killers but their appearance is not quite attractive. The crawling and jumping here and there is enough to get human attention and make them your enemy. Lizards have god gifted reflexes which makes them a good hunter. Lizards belong to reptile family, thus they crawl like a snake, but they have small legs, so they equally crawl like a snake.

Lizards Pest Control

Lizards Pest Control

Follow The Given Below Steps In Order To Get Rid Of Lizards

Seal All The Cracks

  • If there are space or gap entrance of your door or window seal it.
  • Those space and gaps are the entrance for lizards.
  • Use a commercial sealant and apply it to the gaps and spaces which might be letting the pests inside your home.

Protect Your Food

  • Food item lying in open is an open invitation to the pests.
  • Lizard sneaks in to eat the pests when these pests come to eat your food.
  • Keep in mind the food left over is directly proportional to the lizard infestation.
  • Make sure when you’re done with cooking and eating food, clean the area properly.

Traditional Way For Lizard Control

  • Take a stick and try to scare away the lizards and show them the way to outside.
  • Keep in mind to do it gently.
  • It might freak out lizards and they might jump on you to defend themselves and rest I have no idea what kind of trauma they can give it to you.

Lizard Control

Lizard Control

Professional Pest Control Services

These are the best pest treatment for pest like lizard control if you’re looking ways to get rid of all the lizards, call pest control services now. Master Pest Control is one of the best pest control services provider, we use clean and eco-friendly ways to deals with the pest. Our professional pest control services find out the root cause of lizard infestation. We know lizard infestation is correlated with other pest infestation such as cockroaches, flies and mosquitoes. It might be sneaking into your home and this might make the lizards come inside your home. Professional pest control services can fix the underlying cause of lizard infestation and give you complete freedom from any kind of pests. Call us today to get the best pest control services and also get exclusive offers on our services.

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How To Get Rid Of Lizards Infestation?

Lizards are the creation of nature to balance the ecology, lizards are born predator, they prey upon small insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes and other bugs.  Besides their importance, lizards aren’t welcomed inside the homes, the appearance of lizards are scary and can cause panic in people. Unlike other reptiles, they have small four legs which help them to crawl on walls and even jump from one place to another also the DNA of lizards allow them to regrow their tail. These abilities make them more creepy, moreover, there are soft toys of fake lizards available to scare people for fun. This shows how lizards are undergoing through a trademark of universal disapproval. Above all, the purpose of this blog is to manifest simple and natural ways for lizard pest control.

Lizard Pest Control

Lizard Pest Control

Lizard Pest Control By Tobacco and Coffee Powder

This method is effective to get rid of lizards. Mix coffee powder and tobacco and make small balls of it. Place this balls where lizards hide or show up. Lizards will try to eat it, either they’ll die or go away from the smell.

Lizard Control By Garlic.

Garlic is also one of the ingredients which lizards don’t like. Hang garlic cloves where lizards come, they’ll stop coming.

Lizard  Control By Onion.

Onion contains sulphur, which smells sharp. Try hanging onion where lizards bother you, lizard won’t come there again.

Lizard Control By Onion

Lizard Control By Onion

Lizard Pest Control By Pepper Spray.

Not commercial red pepper spray but more of a homemade spray made of water and black pepper. Add black pepper powder in water and spray over lizard prone area. Lizards don’t like the smell of it, so they’ll go away.

Lizard Control By Naphthalene Balls.

From all the above, you would have understood that lizards have a good nose. They cannot tolerate odd smells. Naphthalenes balls also create an odd smell, which can make lizards go away. Try hanging them too, where you encounter lizards often.

The above methods are proven effective to stop lizard infestation,  by following these natural methods lizards pest control is possible,   and you can make the lizard go away. Make sure that your house is clean and free from small insects, lizards only shows up when there are already insects present in the house, lizards feed on them and make their living. If you want you can hire professionals as well, they’ll use effective ways to deal with pests, they also find the root cause of lizard infestation if any. Master Pest Control is one of the best professional pest control service provider, call us for booking we’ll take care of the lizard infestation in your house.

Lizard Infestation

Lizard Infestation

How To Keep Wasps Away?

Wasps are one among those irritating insects that disturb us to the maximum whether it may be in picnics or in gardens. Mentioned below are some of the ways by which you can keep the wasps away from you and stay away from the irritation caused by them,

  1. You can make use of some natural wasp repellent to get rid of Pest Control these wasps. You can also buy the wasp repellent available in the shops. You will have to avoid keeping the foods uncovered. You can also make use of soap solution mixed with a little amount of water to avoid wasps.
  2. If there are any cracks or sealing opens in your place then there is an urgent for you to close those cracks and sealing. You will have to look for the cracks properly in the corners, near windows and doors. Use a suitable sealant to cover those patches and cracks.
  3. If you find any wasps net near the door or rear window, don’t stop after sealing the place but you also need to call up the professional to examine the entire place.
  4. You will have to properly clean the trash can and the places where you have spilled the food and food waste. Make sure you properly close the trash cans with the lid. Do not leave the dustbin uncovered. It is very important to clean the trash can regularly in a proper way.
  5. Try to keep sweet smelling food items and sweets in the refrigerator or in a closed container. Wasps get attracted to these sweets easily and hence try to store them in a container or cover it properly. Keeping the sweets and sweet smelling food items in an open space is one of the major reasons for the wasps to increase.
  6. Using natural repellent is also one of the effective ways to avoid the wasps. You can make use of clove oil, geranium oil, and lemongrass oil to get rid of these wasps. Mix all these oils in equal portions and then pour it in a spray bottle. You will have to spray the oils mixture in the places where ever you feel that the wasps are present. You can spray the solution in the places where wasps nest is built so that you can get rid of these wasps easily. You can also buy wasp repellent solutions from the shop if you don’t have time to mix the solution on your own.
    Wasps Pest Control Services

    Wasps Pest Control Services

  7. There are few plants that can help you in decreasing wasps because of their smell. You can grow such type of plants in your surroundings. Some of those wasp repellent plants are mint, thyme, eucalyptus, and citronella. These plants keep wasps away from your surrounding and also create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere around you.
  8. Wasps are capable of building nests within 20 feet. It is better to use wasp decoys to get rid of wasps. You can hang the wasp decoy in the places where you feel the wasps exist. You can also make use of a soap solution to get rid of these wasps easily.